Welcome to the Bard’s circle around the campfire. I wanted to just say a word….about words. You can tell many things from folks from the words they use, and some they don’t. Some people use words that they hear and don’t understand. Some use words because someone else used them and don’t even think about what those words communicate about them, rather than the subject they are discussing. Some words are loaded with meaning and an attempt by the user to categorize others by making the word the standard for a subject.

So here are a few words, some of whom I had to research to find the meaning of, and some of which are used to mean one thing, when the word means another.

Tea Bagger – This is NOT a member of the Tea Party, nor a sympathizer with the Tea Party ideals. This is a very derogatory word for a sexual act which is disgusting in it’s nature and an insult. Look it up, because I won’t explain it. When used to describe a politically conservative person it is meant to insult them, which I find funny only in that most conservatives would have to look the word up to know what it means. It’s an activity that only liberals would engage in.

Homophobe – This is meant to be a descriptive term for people who find homosexual behavior disquieting. As a phobia, it would mean an “irrational fear” of gays. Which is strange, because I don’t know anyone who has an irrational fear of gays. I do know those who find homosexual practices deviant and disquieting, who find these practices, and those who identify themselves BY those practices disgusting with an “ew” factor like watching people eat small octopus sushi. Those of us who have friends who are gay aren’t afraid of them, just bothered that they would do the things they do and expect us to approve. We don’t. But that doesn’t mean we hate our gay friends, just that we wish that the things they do, like those who eat octopus sushi, they would keep to themselves.  So don’t call us homophobes. Heterosexists maybe. But there is nothing irrational about us.

Extremists- This is meant to imply that someones beliefs are beyond the usual, that they hold opinions that are not reflective of the majority. Well, guess what? If you survey Americans, you will find that a majority believe in limited government, heterosexual marriage, and people enjoying the fruits of their labor. We also believe in helping those who need help for a short time, freedom of expression, and equal opportunity without the guarantee of equal results (that’s up to the person taking the opportunity).  If you espouse these majority beliefs though, someone who is in the actual minority in their beliefs, will call you an extremist.

According to Gallup, Record- or near-record-high percentages of Americans are critical of the size and scope of government, as measured by four Gallup trend questions updated in September. This sentiment stretches to 59% of Americans now believing the federal government has too much power, up eight percentage points from a year ago. Nearly as many Americans also give the antigovernment response to a question asking whether government should do more to solve the country’s problems or whether it is doing too many things that should be left to businesses and individuals. Americans continue to disagree rather than agree that the federal government poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. However, the current 51% to 46% split on this question represents the narrowest margin since Gallup first asked it in 2003.


So, who is the extremist, the one who wants the government to play our daddy, or the rest of us?

Sorry to get so wordy,  but once going, it’s hard to stop using words. Feel free to send me some words too, because that’s what our freedom is there for, to exchange words, ideas, and maybe understand each other a little bit better.

Time to go tune the lute…..

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